where have those fifteen years gone????

We can all remember that moment we brought our first-born home from hospital.

I remember that snowy February day, my husband Paul putting the car seat down in the middle of the living room, and us both staring at our new arrival Holly, for what felt like hours.

We were just in awe of her.

Scared and anxious at the same time.

All those fears surfaced.

How would we cope?

What do we do if she cries?

How will we know what she needs?


And why?

What if we don’t know how to be good parents?

Now on her fifteenth birthday, as a Mum, I feel so proud, privileged and happy to have come this far. To have learnt so much. But more importantly, to love and feel loved by such a smart, wonderful, funny, kind and crazy, beautiful daughter.

The pride and love I feel for her every day are overwhelming. Making that difficult birth and all those doubts and fears pale into insignificance.

Yes, even the toddler tantrums and teenage angst has been worth every minute.

So much so, I feel saddened that she is growing up way to fast, and I long for those baby days back.

Yes, children change your life in many ways, but always for the better.

It may be hard to imagine now when you’re in the thick of dirty nappies and sleepless nights, but it’s in those ordinary moments together, that one day, you’ll linger with your memories longing to go back.

One day in the not so distant future, those dreaded night feeds, school runs, class assembly’s, duvet days and trips to the dentist, will become the best moments in our lives.

Today they are ordinary every day events. Tomorrow they’ll become the most extraordinary, priceless, irreplaceable nuggets of time, in our lives. Time that all too often we take for granted because we are disillusioned that the work and worries that occupy our mind, are the things that need our attention the most.

Yet, neither now nor in the future will anyone or anything, ever bring us the joy, fulfilment or happiness that our children do.

Happy Birthday Holly Love Mum & Dad xxx