Mums wear many different hats and adjust to different roles all the time.

Often though, when it comes to U Time we get plagued by guilt and our true desires and creativity gets blocked. Leaving many of us frustrated, bored, tired and burnt out.

When you do what you love doing most, you could do it 24/7 without getting tired, bored or frustrated. But when you’re doing all the time for ‘Time Takers’ all the life and soul gets sucked out of you.


Play is a word usually associated with children. Adults work. Children play.

But the benefits of play are ageless, the only question is, can we remember as grown-ups how to play?

As a child, I had a toy called a ‘Jack in the Box. I loved nothing more than watching as a clown like head popped out to startle me. Despite expecting it, each time, I always felt surprised and delighted. It was simply fun.

Where did that joy of something so simple disappear to?

Where has all the excitement and anticipation in life gone?

Have we grown up and forgotten how to play and have fun for funs sake!

Play encourages laughter, which is well known for its healing and anti-aging properties, a useful side effect for us grownups. And if we enjoy physically active play, it can help keep us fit and healthy. Even non-physical activities release chemicals in the body, such as endorphins, which reduce stress and tension. That’s why I’ve included recreation (another grown up word for play) as part of the U URSELF Routine. It’s essential because, when we take parenting too seriously, we miss out and deprive ourselves as much as our children of all the fun in life.

Life is meant to be fun! If it doesn’t feel that way to you at the moment, then you’re not playing enough.

Indulging in frivolity when we are supposed to be working, however, can have negative connotations. Others may think we are immature or don’t take our work seriously. But if we stressed less and had more fun in work, we’d take fewer sick days off and look forward to going to work each day, resulting in more productivity. 

Children instinctively know how to play. They understand the benefits and enjoyment it brings, it’s their main priority in life.

It was once ours too, so why did we stop playing and having fun?

As grown-ups, have we shut that box closed so tightly, that we are now more afraid of what may not pop out, than what will?

We are all capable of having fun, we just have to entertain the idea of opening that box and learning how to play again.

Was there something you once did or would like to do such as; playing a musical instrument, singing, painting, writing, crafts, tennis, martial arts, carpentry, or gardening?

Are you ready to enjoy being creative again and to start sharing your gifts and talents with the world?

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Play keeps us happy, healthy, and looking and feeling younger, so growing up childish is a must, especially if we want to be able to communicate and understand our children more.

If you’re like most mums, and like my last client Susan, then play will be the last thing on your mind. It’s more likely that work will be demanding your attention and you’re probably struggling to keep it all together and are feeling overwhelmed?

When on the verge of burn out, relationships with your customers/ clients/ co- workers / spouse/ your parents / children/ can be challenging at best or worse you couldn’t care less!

Susan feared her time was running out. She told me ‘I feel I should have had it all figured out by now but I’m so confused. I’m working in sales but really, deep down I hate it. Most days I just want to hide and I don’t show up for meetings or go on social media to promote my shop but then I realise, it’s all I know, its all I’ve ever done. I’m scared to try anything new or do something I really want to do because I know it won’t bring in the income my family needs and I’ll feel like a failure.  I fear my kids will end up hating me because I’m chasing my career and not focusing enough on them but at times, I need a break away from them too, as everything and everyone just overwhelms me. I’m not getting any younger but nor am I advancing in life. I’m a very creative person and I know the right path and my destiny will show up one day but I’m getting tired and frustrated of waiting. I really wish I had more self-confidence and higher self-esteem, so I could use my creativity more and share my gifts and talents with the world. I just lay awake at night wondering, is this all I’ve got to look forward to in life?

Is this it?

I’m afraid that one day I’ll realise that I’ve just wasted my life or I’ll find what I love but it’ll be too late, I’ll be too old. I never get time for me to do the creative things I enjoy. Because of my frustration I’m always trying to mend relationships with my husband, parents and children. I can’t tell anyone what I truly want because they’ll think I’m mad wanting to pursue my creative dreams and desires, besides we need the income from my steady job to pay the bills. ‘

So she resisted her creativity for far too long and carried on painting that smile on her face everyday, going in the wrong direction, with the wrong people, at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons.

Until she reached burn out. Nothing seemed to matter to her, she had lost her purpose and just felt like she was surviving each day, rather than living her life to her full potential.

She had had enough!

Hypnotherapy and Coaching was the last resort.

She initially came to see me for help with her hoarding.

The physical decluttering process was easier to tackle, first, before she was ready to clear her mind.

I worked with her on many different issues. That’s when I had the idea to create tailor made sessions, as audio downloads, that she could purchase and keep forever, to use when she needed them. Yes she could have just downloaded a generic hypnosis or meditation audio from iTunes or Amazon but these would not be specific to her or her current life perspective. They wouldn’t address her personally or tackle her unique needs. Neither could they be changed. We created audios that could be easily changed as her needs evolved, which worked out significantly cheaper for her too, as opposed to years in therapy.

Mumatherapy Meditations can provide you with some much needed; relaxation, motivation and inspiration and guidance too. Alongside a reliable tried and tested routine, (The UURSELF Routine) that can help you to take back so U Time to pursue your dreams and desires and create a life that you love.

Mumatherapy combines Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Coaching to tailor sessions for each unique mum and their circumstances, using The UURSELF Routine to help you move forward with the clarity and confidence you need to succeed and remain a Present, Powerful and Proactive parent in the process.

As a busy mum and entrepreneur myself, I understand how difficult it can be to see a therapist or coach once a week. We want help, reassurance, guidance and support, and we know its out there but we’re usually too busy to find the time to attend pre booked, one on one sessions. And finding a babysitter is not always easy. Add to that the anxiety and stress of having to physically go to someone to share our most personal thoughts and feelings and well …. quite frankly, most of us end up suffering in silence.

Not anymore Muma!

If you can’t come to the therapy, then the therapy can come to the Muma!

Right now we have some very exciting news.

If you’re a mum in desperate need of some ;

• U Time – Time to relax and unwind from all the stresses of the day and use your creativity. .

• Relaxation and sleep to help you face personal problems or parenting issues.

• Mumatherapy Magic to help reconnect you with your destiny, dreams and desires, using Affirmations, Hypnotherapy and guided meditations.

•Routine – Help in establishing a tried and tested daily routine, that includes YOU Time, as well as the usual eating, sleeping, activity routines, to improve life at home through Confident, Proactive, Present Parenting Methods.

• Motivation or Coaching to get back into the work place, find a new career or start up a new business.

• Nutritional advice and support to help with weight Loss, sleep, stress, longevity or simply cooking the children tea?

• Relationship revival, or a boost to help manifest love again after being single.

• Self-confidence, Self-image or Self-esteem boosting.

Then Mumatherapy℠ Meditations is for YOU!

Mumatherapy℠ Meditations combines Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Counselling to help put you confidently back in control.

As a Mum, Therapist and Registered Childminder for over seventeen years, I know the daily parenting issues all mum’s face.

That’s why I created the U URSELF Routine℠ and why I’m using that now to tailor audio meditations and hypnotherapy scripts, for you, remotely. The best thing is, you can relax and listen to them at a time or place convenient for you. Whether in the comfort of your own home while the children are in bed or to supercharge your day first thing in the morning, you’ll have them at hand to listen to, helping restore balance and calm, amid the chaos that lies ahead. In essence you’ll have your own personal Coach and Therapist when you need me.

email for more information or to arrange a free telephone consultation today.

Hypnotherapy is a great aid for many issues but please be aware its not a magical cure and I do not work with those with psychosis, epilepsy or in the first trimester of pregnancy. Please always consult your GP before using a complimentary therapy such as hypnotherapy.

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Looking forward to creating your Mumatherapy Meditation :- )

Em x