How Do You Banish Your Blues?

We all get bad days.

Days when we wonder why we bother?

Days when we don’t feel in the mood.

Days when nothing seems to be going right or everything seems to be going wrong!

Days when we just want to be left alone.

But as parents we have to bother. We have to get ourselves in the mood. We have to put things right, even when things seem to be going wrong. And there’s no such thing as being left alone. Not even to use the toilet!

Often when the going gets tough, the only choice we have, is to get going.

Get Going

When I’m having one of those days, the first thing I do is ask myself is it really all that bad?

I woke up this morning and had food to eat, a family and pets who (annoying and testing as they maybe at times) love me. I have a job. I have a few friends. So, I have enough reasons to bother.

But this usually isn’t enough, when it’s one of those really BAD days!

We take all that everyday stuff and people for granted.

We notice there’s always something missing, not yet done or someone’s to blame.

We feel angry, frustrated, anxious or guilty?

But we are never going to make ourselves feel better by making ourselves feel bad.

On days like these I make a point of getting out in the fresh air to suck in some vitamin D. I move my body to get myself physical and out of my head.

Eat Clean

I eat healthily.

Usually when we are having a bad day, we either starve ourselves because we feel sick with worry and anxiety or we console and comfort ourselves with unhealthy, high calorie food and drinks. But this only makes us feel worse.

Instead clearing our heads with plenty of water, making a healthy home- made hearty soup, can help lift us up slightly. Even if it’s a placebo that makes us feel better because we feel we’ve done something positive for our body.

Detox Negativity Overload

Social media and the news tend to add to our woe is me. We either see all our so-called friends having such a wonderful time, doing amazing things?

Or we see the world as a really scary, bad place. Where bad circumstances are out of our control. Then the world’s problems add to our own.

But if we could read or listen to motivational, positive books or even watch some uplifting films or comedies and listen to music, we could shift our moods to a slightly better place.

Which is far easier and a lot more fun than wallowing in a bad day …. isn’t it?

What’s your favourite way to banish the blues?

What books / films/ songs/comedies lift YOU up on a bad day?

Caring is sharing, so let’s share the love and banish those rainy day blues!

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