RAZZZ MAN – They’ll Be Sorry!

I won’t lie, now as a Mum to older kids it’s a shock!

You go from telling them what to do, to them telling you what to do.

Dressing them, to them giving you style and fashion advice.

I’m sorry but when I was younger cool was a word and still is today.

Razzz…. Well…. I’ve never encountered that word until now, (unless it meant going on the razz and having a few bevvies) so it must be made up!

Yes, I have googled it and another meaning came up, to ‘make fun of’

But my teenagers use it when I have asked them to do something simple, like bring the dirty cups, plates and half the house hold cutlery down from their bedrooms!

I’m hardly making fun of THEM!

I’ve written it with three ZZZ’s but when they say it, it’s more like Raaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz a bit like a lion roaring?

Finally, I understand what my parents meant by; ‘I talk too fast in a language that doesn’t exist and I’m constantly on the defensive like the world is against me.’

I now realise I felt unjustly embarrassed by those that gave me life and funded everything.

Razzz Man, I’m sorry!

It only took me forty- one years and my own teenage daughter, to teach me the error of my ways. But the best lessons always come to those who wait.

Karma’s a promise from a God, who looks on and laughs at all us parents at some time.

Rest assured though, this phase doesn’t last. As our children mature and leave their teens, they will soon return to us for counsel, guidance and assistance once again.

Especially when they discover that;

  • They didn’t really know it all after all!
  • We were not always wrong!
  • Not all of their friends were always giving them the right advice!
  • We were not outdated in our ways and beliefs, just experienced in the way of the world!
  • What they thought was fashionable, we were wearing twenty years before them and it’s not us who was old fashioned after all!
  • The pop music they now listen to is a rehash from our era and was probably taken from a classical piece of music before our time too!
  • We only ever had their best interests at heart!
  • We love and care for them more than anyone else in the world.

For now, all us long suffering, reflective parents can do at this time, is bite our tongue and let our children think they are right.

One day like us as parents, they’ll be sorry for the error of their ways and thank us for our love.

Razzz Man, Stay Present!

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