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Parenting is the most important job in the world, and the one thing that we don’t want to get wrong. In fact, the implications of doing so are far reaching and can impact society.

That’s why we desperately search for that quick fix solution to solve our children’s behavioural issues. And why parenting books, classes and TV programmes on managing children’s unruly behaviour, are so popular today.

We want answers.

We want solutions.

We want to find that one way to get it right.


Yet, parenting’s something that we can only truly learn from experience, which includes trial and error.

There’s no precise formula or rule book. Luckily, we make the rules.

Our children despite their behaviour are all unique, and your Child is no different to any other child on the planet.

Their severe mood swings, toddler tantrums and sulky teenage behaviours, are never new to the world of parenting.
They are timeless problems that every parent face. Their fluctuating moods start from twelve months of age, that’s when they become emotionally labile and start developing their own sense of identity.

Children have misbehaved this way for centuries, even before they were freed from the ‘Children should be seen and not heard’ era.

Tempting as it may seem to go back to that time, when children supposedly respected their elders, this would not be good for our children.

As a Mum, Childminder and Therapist, I would be more concerned, if a child never displayed any kind of unwanted behaviour. As this would likely be an unhealthy physical or psychological sign something’s wrong. Meaning the child’s supressed and has given up trying to be who they really are.

Unwanted behaviour is not unnatural or uncommon, but our children are all different.

Each and every child we have is a genuine one off. No sibling could or should ever be the same, nor should our sisters, cousins, or friend’s children be either.

Accepting, allowing and embracing our unique children, (with not so unique behaviour) is how we begin to understand them.

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