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U Time

It’s a fresh New year loaded with new and exciting opportunities.

A time to reflect on the last year and to plan ahead for the new.

Yet for most, New Year’s resolutions have usually faded before they’ve had a chance to begin, and by the second week of January, it’s back to the same old same old.

As parents we are usually tired, skint and left cleaning up the mess from all the festivities.

But there’s one New Year’s resolution we need to make to ourselves and keep.

U Time.

U Time is exactly that, time for ‘You.’

 ‘You’ are the most important person in your child’s life.

Anyone who has ever flown on an aeroplane will be familiar with the safety drill, where the Stewardess asks you to make sure you put on your own safety vest and masks, before your children’s or anyone else’s.

As parents, we should never neglect or underestimate the importance of time for ourselves, each and every day.

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Whether it’s a soak in the bath listening to a good audio book or committing to fifteen minutes of Kundalini Yoga every morning or evening, we need to set aside time to indulge ourselves.

New Year often reeks of restraint and less of self- indulgence, but taking care of ‘You’ is the most selfless thing you can do as a parent. It’s a priority because if you don’t, then you won’t be able to care for your child or anyone else.

It’s the single, most loving thing we can do for our children.

We are their greatest asset in life, so we must take good care of our own health and happiness. Should we become ill, we would not be in a position to care for them.

 Surely then, if only to keep us in a strong position to take care of our children at all times, U Time is essential, and all the motivation we need to ensure we love and care for ourselves? 

We are not being selfish by taking care of our own needs before anyone else’s. Yet many of us selfless parents still think it’s ok to put the needs of others, especially our children’s, before our own.

But, if we can’t stick to a simple routine of taking time out for ourselves to relax and recuperate, then how can we expect our children to do the same and follow their routines?

If we take care of our own needs and wellbeing and pursue our own interests, then not only our own happiness, health, and success will be positively affected, but noticeably our children’s too.

A happy parent, equals a happy, contented child.

How will you be spending your U Time today?

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